Every man and his dog discussing NFTs today! The incredible splash in the growth of digital art is the most interesting trend nowadays. The popularity of NFT is increasing not only among collectors, but also among investors and traders. Let’s figure out where you can acquire or sell NFT.


Online Courses are still on a high! Today we’d like to present to you the top 8 Computer Science Courses from the world’s best universities (all of the courses are free unless you want the certificate for showing purposes)

1. CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

A course by Harvard University

CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with…

Efficient money management is the goal of every business, but minimizing expenses wisely is not that easy. Today we’d like to shed light on the best ways to optimise Infrastructure costs.

Let’s firstly make clear what infrastructure serves to:

  • Make product deliveries
  • Distribute resources both within the company and the…

At times, IT and business leaders are disconnected. The managers see the bigger picture, but sometimes they don’t work with IT to make sure they can accomplish their goals without technology getting in the way.
These are the 6 most common IT problems that business owners can be unaware of

In the era of the overwhelming popularity of the microservice architecture instruments of API testing are an apparent necessity. Postman is being praised for the simplicity of its interface, broad functionality and speed. But there are downsides. …

The first rule of release of a software product is a correct choice of the solution on the organization and the control of working process. Now on the market there is a huge number of solutions for project management. …

The principles of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery become the gold standard for software development. Increasingly, companies are choosing CI/CD tools to automate their development processes. However, there are many tools available and choosing the right one can be challenging.

Benefits of CI/CD:

  • Faster development — a continuous cycle that…

Do you perform load testing? How often? In most cases, the problem is the client doesn’t understand what load testing is for, what problems it helps to avoid and how to use its results in order to benefit the business development.

Why do you need load testing?

Load testing allows:

Over the past few years, at least a dozen completely new tools for automating user interface testing have appeared. Since each tool has its own direction and strategy, it is difficult to understand where to start.

Any UI tester can claim that UI testing is relatively simple if nothing changes…

The article suggests an analogy “for dummies”, comparing the development process to a building site. Hope you’ll entertain yourself and find it helpful!

So, supposing we have an idea of a building. How to go about it?

Business Analysis

At this stage we need to determine our expectations from the…

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